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Below the Line Campaign

Campaign με στόχο να κάνουμε τα όνειρα των καταναλωτών πραγματικότητα με τον Jacobs!

Work Cover
YEAR: 2023
SERVICES: Buzz Activation, Marketing

Based on Jacobs’ communication strategy with the motto “Wake up your dream”, we created a below the line campaign with the aim of making consumers’ dreams come true with Jacobs.

We invited consumers to take part in sweepstakes that would fulfill their dreams, while the empowerment of the campaign was initiated through “DREAMS OUR TOUR”.

An “English-style” double-decker bus was transformed, inside and out, into a stunning “Dream House” that stole the spotlight in every appearance.

With multiple appearances in 6 cities in Greece, we awakened the dreams of consumers, offering their favorite Jacobs coffee, while through an interactive mechanism, the experience of consumers was captured in a mini video clip which helped at the level of virality, with the aim of even greater participation in the national  pan-Hellenic competition.

The dates of the appearances were communicated through a dedicated website, live radio broadcasts were made in each city from the location of the “Dream House”, while there was also a live broadcast on the morning TV show of ANT1 “TO PROINO”.